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Overwatch is a developing scene, our performing team is continuing to develop not only in Australia but in other countries including, South East Asia and North America. Scylla is currently sitting at the second highest rank for competitive Overwatch in Australia, with the team only forming 3 months prior to the latest power ranking release, we not only expect this team to develop but maintain their current steady performance.

The team is coming off a big win at the Full circle eSports Tournament which saw us come Second and take home $2000, This was against an influx of countries across the southern hemisphere. With Scylla looking very dominant in recent tournaments, we expect huge results in the coming months!

Our Team!

  1. Flake
  2. Saphira
  3. Sp4rky
  4. Project
  5. Wuvo
  6. Spoonzl

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