Scylla Hearthstone

Posted by Nicholas Teters on

Our Hearthstone roster has competed in multiple international events, including IeSF 2016 hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia (MrLego), and WESG 2016 hosted in Seoul, South Korea (Hughesy), Hughesy provided a very entertaining run at WESG 2016, during the qualifiers he took out established top Australian players then proceeding to take out group stage with an astonishing 3 - 1 record proceeding to the top 8 In Seoul, Korea.

MrLego achieved an amazing qualifier performance, taking out respected players in the region and the favourite to win in Jakarta, Indonesia, he continued his performance by taking tournament favourites and achieving something Australia had yet to do on the international scale.
Scylla Hearthstone will be attending Dreamhack Austin 2017! We are extremely proud of our team and cannot wait for a great 2017 Season!

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